What's a CSA?

sample CSA share

CSA stands for "community supported agriculture." Typically, CSA farms ask their customers (often referred to as "members") to buy a "share" at the beginning of the season. In return, members get periodic boxes of produce during the harvest season. At Full Cellar Farm, one share in the CSA entitles you to 22 weekly boxes of farm produce, from June through October.

Why sign up for a CSA? This is where the community support comes in! By paying early for your produce, you provide the farm with much-needed cash to get the season started. At Full Cellar Farm, even though the vegetables don't start rolling in until June, the season really begins in January, when we order our seeds. By March, many beds in the field will already be sown and thousands of plants will be sprouting in the greenhouse. The first few months of the year are also when we buy most of the supplies we'll need for the season, from seeds, fertilizers, and potting soil to packaging materials, row cover, and irrigation equipment.

Other benefits of a CSA include creating a long-term relationship with your farmer, influencing how food is grown in your area, and getting to know others in your community who support local farming. Occasional on-farm events give you the chance to see where and how your food is grown, and even participate in that process if you want.

CSA is about creating relationships and celebrating local food. It also means that by the time the season rolls around, your vegetables are already paid for. All you have to do is come pick them up!

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