Staff Members
Emily Cooper

Emily started Full Cellar Farm in 2014. She had been working for other farms in Oregon since 2008, and had developed a special love for CSA because of its opportunities to form long-lasting relationships with members. Emily feels that farming is the perfect balance between art and science, and she loves that she never stops learning. She feels incredibly fortunate to be farming at Headwaters Incubator Program, where she shares space, equipment, and ideas with farmers from 13 other small, sustainable farms. In addition to farming, Emily loves cooking and preserving food (though these activities sometimes get sidelined during the busy farm season) and she always has at least one book--usually fiction--and several magazines on her nightstand.

Kelly Peters

Kelly Peters started working at the farm in April 2017, after traveling and studying permaculture and sustainable living for two years overseas. She was primarily in Australia and New Zealand, but also studied in Laos and Thailand. She has always loved growing and gardening and fully believes in the organic and sustainable food movement. Her ultimate goal is to grow healthy food that improves our soil and earth. She also wants to design abundant properties where people can grow their own healthy food and support a healthy ecology at home. Eventually she would like to start her own project that uses home grown, organic food and fermentation to provide delicious and healthy options to the local community at an affordable price. She looks forward to learning hands-on the intricacies of the CSA program and is excited to help provide members with healthy, delicious produce. She also LOVES cooking and will be doing lots of experimenting this season.

Llew Whipps

Llew has loved the idea of farming since childhood, but growing up in Portland, they didn’t get the chance to try it until recently. Once they did, though, it was love at first sight – Llew learned the how-to of small farming during their time as an intern at Zenger farm in 2016, and has been farming since. In 2017, they got the chance to scale up and work on a 40-acre vegetable farm in Ireland, and after traveling a bit, spent the winter farming on Sauvie Island. Llew loves the way farming never lets you stop learning, and they are grateful to have been able to learn from so many farms and farmers. At Full Cellar’s smaller scale, they look forward to developing a more complete sense of the land. Llew has dreams of starting a farm that supports a social justice project, and helps bring good food - and the shared experiences and conversations that often go with it - to a wider community. Outside of farming, Llew enjoys playing accordion, spending time in wilder parts of the outdoors, and being inspired by books and music. Having studied sociology, they love a good discussion, especially when it can be had over a good, farm-fresh meal.

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